What I was up to during Quarantine

Updated: May 22, 2020

First and Foremost.. EDUCATION.

My industry has put out SO much amazing content. From free content to paid programs. I took a class from @maggiemh about 90s hair.. Feeling inspired to bring that xtina look back. For those that have known me for awhile you know what I'm talking about. The stripper hair.. its a vibe.

I refused to slow down. Why? Remember in school how hard it was to get back into the swing of things in September? It was brutal right. That is what I knew it would be like upon returning. EVERYONE and I mean everyone has messaged me asking to be in my chair first day LOL. I dont have the time to ease into the chaos. I need to be mentally ready, prepared and have my skill set to be just as fast as when we left. We are barely one week into it and our bodies are hurting. Its insane how fast our "bodies" fall out of routine.

Im also currently in two online business education programs.

The first is called Luxury Hairstylist

It is a 12 month program from the queen @lo_wheelerdavis and I have been in this program since September. Every week we have new online education content.

The second is called "The Thriving Stylist" from @brittseva . I joined this one at the beginning of Covid.

This program is more geared towards business and is a year long as well. Two other stylists from Nanaimo are also in it! so thats a score to be able to chat about it.

Thrivers Society is a network of 1000s of hairstylists from all over (mainly the US) that specialize in different areas and have a different clientele base so its been really amazing to be able to connect with other people like minded during this time who are going through the same struggles..

Now for the extension education. Ya'll know I cant get enough. I pride myself on bringing you all THE BEST OF THE BEST. Im not about two hour extension classes that are popping up everywhere which is slightly terrifying.

I have been actively and exclusively doing NBR now for over two years. I saw some of my previous NBR Educators taking new methods to add to there list. I had my eye on them for awhile and was seeing their results so I knew I had to inquire. After adding TWO more methods to my belt I am so glad I did because I can now offer various different Hand Tied Methods depending on your hair type/scalp. I even have two different methods in one clients head right now . The possibilities are endless and so versatile.

The first method I've been working on since January and I am the first on Vancouver Island to be certified and the second in BC ! It is called Invisible Beaded Extensions

So what is unique about this method and how does it differ from NBR? when your hair is flipped up and when your hair grows out you cant ever see the beads!! It also can grow out longer than 8 weeks for some clients. It is thread less and glue less.

The second method I recently got certified in is Freespirited Mane Method using Hand Tied Extensions. First off the creator of this method @freespiritedhair is so freakin funny I'm obsessed.

This method is threadless and you cannot see any beads !.

I installed this method into Kenz's hair right before we got shut down and so far her grow out is so clean and gorgeous!

Salon Projects

We did a few epic projects and if you were lucky enough to see the salon this week you were able to see them.

The mannequin became my new BFF.

Other than education and working the backend of the business I have been blessed to be able to spend so much time with my kids! I am sure Frankie is wondering why the heck I was home all the time and he totally doesn't understand why he cant go to daycare still.

For those of you that dont know.. I have two kids, Frankie and June.

Frankie is 4.5 and June Bug is 6 months.

We were fortunate enough to be one of the families that got to do "porch" sessions from @islandmomentsphotography

How stinkin cute are my babies though... I cant

Last but not least.. THANKYOU SO MUCH to everyone who has ordered from our retail store @westbeautycollective It has truly helped so much with paying part of our overhead of the two spaces.

Well I will leave it at that. To all my small business friends.. You will make it through this. Remember growth this year is most likely not possible but you will survive this year and come out on top.

Stay Well Babes & heres to hoping that 2021 will be our year am I right.



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