He told me to eat the minion

My 4 year old has the kindest soul. The last two weeks have been very business between running around doing errands for the salon and doing clients. For those of you new to my hair life I have two kids, Frankie & June. My other half works in Vancouver on shift work. For two weeks of every month im running around crazy with both kids, business stuff + working counting down till he gets home.

Everyone around me was sick and I thought I had avoided it but nope.

Thats when my 4 year old, Frankie, told me to eat his minion vitamin and I would be better.

He's my 1st born, has the biggest heart, is my biggest struggle and is mommas boy 98 percent of the time.

He has zero patience, he is stubborn as heck, he loves beyond measure, he is the most sensitive soul, he's a homebody, he goes to beat of his own drum, he has the sharpest memory.

Frankie also has Verbal Apraxia.

Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is an uncommon speech disorder in which a child has difficulty making accurate movements when speaking. ... With this disorder, the speech muscles aren't weak, but they don't perform normally because the brain has difficulty directing or coordinating the movements

SO basically a fancy word for a speech delay.

We started speech therapy just before his 2nd birthday and go twice a week. I wish we could go more but unfortunately our speech therapist is so busy. It is MIND blowing how many kids struggle with speech these days and the most frustrating part is most of the time there is no reason as to why.

I had a normal pregnancy, normal birth, he hit all the milestones until 18 months(after his vaccines if I am being real) , he walked early, he said his first word early and then suddenly he stopped progressing and I will never know why. The doctor literally told me "it just happens"( I call bs). Our medical system is broken. Plain and Simple. We have travelled to the states for medical treatment and it was leaps and bounds better and more time efficient.

We still do not have a peds doctor. We waited a year for one and finally got an appointment. After 5 minutes with my boy he decided he needed medication (he was 3). I never went back there and now were back on another year wait list to find someone else.

That is the hardest part for me. I will never know why my sweet boy cant talk fully like his friends. Why I haven't been able to have a full conversation with him yet. Seeing videos of other kids his age fully talking or when kids try to talk to him its heart breaking.

Now he has made leaps and bounds. He probably talks like a 2.5 year old. However there is certain sounds he simply cannot do yet so he has his own books of words he has made up.

Im supposed to send him to Kindergarten this fall and the thought of that terrifies me. I hear everyday from clients how awful our education system is (thanks government). They simply don't have the resources for all the kids and I fear Frankie will either A) get forgotten about and B) get bullied (its a good thing ill be next level crazy over this)

Now this isn't hair related but my life isn't just hair. Social Media gives a false reality. Im sure everyone looks at my gram and thinks "oh she's so lucky she has it all, has the family, owns businesses, a new house, a new car and so forth". That may be partially true but at the end of the day I'm a mom of 2, trying to keep a house together, longing to have a convo with my son that isn't broken english, keep my business thriving for the livelihood of my girls and trying to live a fulfilling life as life goes by way to f a s t.

Happy Sunday Babes



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