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There is nothing I love more than changing my decor. I decorate for every season, I change my pillows out every three months and change my theme every year.. Ill share some tips and my fav go to online stores for home decor.

First and foremost D E C A L S. If you know me and come to my salon you know I love decals. The #1 reason being I can change them at anytime.. when I'm over it I simply take them off and replace with something new and it can change your entire vibe instantly.

So far I have decals in my bedroom, bathroom, Junes room, dining room, salon bathroom and salon sink area... yes I'm obsessed LOL.

My 2 favorite go to sites for decals is Urban Walls and Rocky Mountain Decals

This is my most recent fav. The bohemian palms from Urban Walls. I chose to get the full order and I definitely did not need it. I have SO much left over. I ended up getting bored and added some to my bathroom too.

I got these decals for behind the sinks at the salon. Honestly I have similar ones for Junes room (link below) and I like the ones in Junes room way better.

Junes Leaf Decals:

okay lets move on

Favourite Home Decor Online Sites:

Zara Home (affordable):

Urban Outfitters (affordable):

West Elm (boujee):

Pottery Barn:

Homesense: please get online shopping

I know a lot of people love Wayfair but for decor I find the site to be extremely overwhelming and after the recent scandal I'm a little sus and unsure


Can never go wrong with the classic of Ikea: I feel like Ikea gets a bad rep but I have a dresser from Ikea that is 11 years old that is now Frankies.

Urban Barn: The nest chair is life that is all . I contemplated this purchase for two years.. until one day I said f**k it im buying it and it was the BEST decision. I am one with the nest chair .


If you don't know what to do for decor you cannot go wrong with plants.

I am not a plant expert but I have a few dozen.

Canadian Tire and Home Depot are where I have gotten a majority.

While I love real plants so much... I am becoming obsessed with dried floral accents and my go to for that is Bespoke Blossoms. Anise the owner is AH-MAZING. She's doing a huge install in my salon soon and I cant wait.

Pillow Tips:

This took me a few years to figure out.. buy pillow covers and just cover your pillows each season. Storing pillows where the covers don't come off is no easy task.

There you have it! A few of my fav places to shop for online decor.

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