Disney tips + a whole lot of bribing

Im sitting in John Wayne Airport in OC waiting for our flight that is of course delayed (thank you west jet) and thinking back on our last week of travels. We went to our family home in Palm Springs + ended with Disneyland. Theoretically we should have done Disney first and ended with Palm because I am tired AF and no amount of coffee is going to cure me but seeing Frankies face in Disney was 100 percent worth it. I thought I would share my tips from our trip!


Fairmont (YVR): This hotel is directly in the airport and literally 20 feet from the west jet check in. It costs about $125 more than the surrounding area hotels but to me the convenience is worth it, especially with two kids. When we arrived they had a wooden playpen set up for June with a Bottle Warmer, Baby Products and Diaper Genie. They also had a toy box for Frankie to pick from. I absolutely love fairmont chains and have never been disappointed.

Palm Springs @ Outdoors Resort

My family has had a place here for as long as I can remember. First my grandparents bought here when I was little and now my parents have too. It is gorgeous and so relaxing. Frankie spent most of his time in the pool + picking lemons off the trees.

Castle Inn (Anaheim): We booked our hotel last min (legit two weeks before) so the options were slim. Usually I like to stay at the park vue inn because it is directly across from the main entrance and you can see the fireworks from the rooms however it wasn't available. I could careless to stay somewhere nice in Disney because lets face it you are legit never in our room. This hotel was about 1 km away from the entrance. It was cheap + clean. One bonus is it had two separate rooms.

Favorite Places to shop:

Cabazon outlets! it is 20 min away from Palm Springs and has everything from Guess, Forever 21 all the way to Gucci and Balenciaga so it really is good for every budget. It is hit and miss I find but never the less it is worth the trip. I got a pair of boots that I have been searching for that were $900 off Canadian retail pricing.. so for me this trip was a win! I will share these gorgeous boots later

Nordstrom Rack: I get a lot of my freepeople clothes here for a fraction of the price and for babies its amazing! Its so cheap to load up on baby clothes.

Ross and Marshalls: basically the American version of winners. I have to be in the mood for these stores and I wasn't really this time.. all in all I got a pair of sweatpants LOL

Ulta: Basically Sephora but better in my opinion and it has the Kylie Jenner and KKW line so win win.

Living in the Desert Zoo: Palm Springs

Basically I like going here for the giraffes.They are EPIC and you get to feed them. This zoo is also amazing at Christmas time because they do a Christmas light show.

D I S N E Y Tips + Tricks

download the Disney App and pay the extra $15 a day for the maxpass. This allows you to get a fast pass for rides without having to walk 5 km to the ride to get the pass.

The app also tells you the wait times for each ride

Bring water bottles because there is water bottle refill stations. FYI a smart water is $7 Canadian in there so dont forget your water bottle. Except if you do formula like I do.. I brought my own water bottles for her so that she would have the same water every time.

Bring a stroller you dont really care about it for the stroller parking. We had one for June and rented a stroller everyday for Frankie (only $15 for 12 hours)

If your planning on going to goofys kitchen for dinner dont bother waiting in lines in Disney for Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip or Dale because they come to your table at dinner. In my opinion it is extremely over priced ($200 for three of us for buffet) but you pay for the "experience"

The Dancing Disney Jr show is a must and is in California Park it is the cutest for kids that like to dance around.

If seeing characters is important to you.. you would need an entire day for just that. We didn't see to many simply because each line was almost half hour or more for seeing a character and we went during a "slow" time..

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days of the week to go to Disney

Overall Disney was amazing. June was fantastic (TBH way easier than I was expecting) and Frankie I only had to bribe 8481289164136 times but hey he only had two meltdowns so thats a win.

Buy your Disney shirts, autograph books etc outside of Disneyland. Legit Walgreens had a fantastic selection

I am thankful I didn't go on this ride (bless having June).. everyone looked like they wanted to vomit after it.

Airport Tips.

I have flown quite a bit in the two years for my NBR education (over 20 times) and I feel like I have it down pretty good but add in two kids and its entirely different.

First tip and probably the best one is BRING YOUR CARSEAT ON THE PLANE FOR TODDLERS. Find me a toddler that will sit still on a airplane seat and I will bow down. We strapped Frankie in and it was the best. You don't have to pay to bring them on or anything.

Amazon Fire Tablet. We got this as a gift for Frankie and it was a saviour. It comes loaded with games and its only $100 !

You can bring any amount of food and drinks for kids 2 and under through security.

You have to walk through with a newborn they cant be in the carseat so don't try to get your baby to fall asleep to make things easer (we learnt that the hard way)

Pick the smaller airport if you can. Whenever I fly to Cali I always fly into John Wayne Airport (Orange County) it only has like 15 terminals so its super small and doesn't take a long time to get through security vs LAX I think I would have had to have Frankie on a leash LOL the kid bolts everywhere and has ZERO sense of direction.

All in all our trip was amazing and it was nice to get away from reality for a bit.

till next time

Kels xo

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